Visualising and Graphic Facilitation

David has wide experience in corporate visualisations, brainstorming and graphic facilitation. His clients value his unique ability to convey complex business ideas in a striking visual medium. His graphic recording and facilitation work has taken him to events worldwide including to the Shakespeare & Co. Literary Festival in Paris and workshops in Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Detroit and Warsaw.

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This video, including an interview with David, gives an insight into how David’s visualising work can complement your staff training, including work on core values, business vision and strategy and HR development.

Cartoons and Visualisations can be key elements of any business meeting including focus group feedback, 360 degree peer evaluation and strategic planning. Delegates are delighted to see the words they say emerge as pictures before their eyes. This validates their ideas and builds group confidence and coherence.

David is particularly attentive to the mood of a meeting and to any strongly insightful, unusual or colourful perspective that anyone in the room, even the quietest person, may bring. Individuals may use David’s images in presentations to their colleagues. Equally, if he is briefed to do so, David can challenge certain ideas through his images, enabling new perspectives to emerge.

David’s broad cultural references and wide reading enable him to give gentle prompts to delegates if they are not stretching themselves.

There are various ways in which David can support your event. These include:

On Stage

British Aerospace used David at their management training event at the Blackpool Winter Gardens. He appeared live on-stage before 300 managers, taking suggestions from the floor about necessary management qualities. He created an instant cartoon figure to illustrate the suggestions, which was then copied and distributed to all delegates.

Big Wall

The most dramatic way of using David’s skills is to give him a whole wall to play with! Whilst your delegates brainstorm their ideas, David captures the essence of the discussion in an original and humorous form. The size of the display ensures that key ideas are not forgotten and ideas that might otherwise be lost are distilled in an effective and memorable manner. David has worked in this way for many international clients including Levis, Rabobank and Johnson & Johnson.

The messages he encapsulates include official company statements, insightful heckles, the occasional gentle caricature, cultural and historical references and interesting facts.

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Flip Charts

If you want David’s visuals to have impact but not be on permanent display throughout the meeting, he can generate a lot of cartoons on flip charts. These are more portable than the big wall pictures and can of course be taken away and displayed at your HQ after the event to reinforce the message of the day and also to share with those employees who weren’t at the meeting. Companies who have found this approach useful have included: Nationwide, Amazon and Everything Everywhere.

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The most discreet option! David sits in on the meetings and records the meetings as A4 cartoons which are subsequently used either as projections during the course of the meeting or incorporated into the official records of the meeting in company literature. This has proved particularly useful when illustrating dilemma reconciliations for Trompenaars Hampden-Turner. Clients have included BP, HSBC, General Motors and Barilla.
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