TV and Animation

David’s work has often been used by animators to create original and bold moving cartoons. Whilst he is not an animator, he has a strong connection with animator Tim Searle, with whom he has created several animations for the corporate sector as well as for the TV Series Horrible Histories.


David was a Designer/Cartoon artist for ITV’s award-winning series 2DTV, the world’s first topical animated sketch show and the most successful British animated series ever with over eight million viewers tuning in for the first show.

In the video above, David designed the full background of the White House exterior and interior.

For this sketch, David designed all the background and sneakily caricatured his grandparents underneath the scoreboard and the rest of his family dotted around the crowd.

Likened to a Spitting Image for the 21st Century, 2DTV used caricatures and impressions of the famous, to satirise the week’s news. Taking an irreverent, ‘take no-prisoners’ attitude, it sent up politicians, celebrities and Royals alike.

Here’s what the press said about 2DTV:

  • “Innovative, immensely satisfying” – The Guardian
  • “Irreverent, mischievous and caustic” – The Sun
  • “Fast-firing, character-assassinating comedy”- Time Out

You can buy DVDs of the 2DTV series here: The Best of 2DTV

Pop Video:

David also worked as a design artist for 2DTV’s George Michael video ‘Shoot the Dog’ for which he drew the majority of the backgrounds.


The video received a lot of controversial attention, including in The Guardian here. David drew many of the props referred to in this article including the Blair’s bedroom and George Michael’s leopard-skin thong!

Corporate Videos:

David’s work is often used to enhance and illustrate corporate videos.

His illustrations features in the launch video – and the new book:  100+ Mangagement Models

David has also personally featured in company videos. Here, he speaks about how his work can complement your staff training, including work on core values, business vision and strategy and HR development.

TV and Media Appearances:

David has recently appeared on The One Show, rapidly drawing the random suggestions of the public for images to appear on the 2017 £2 coin. The chances of these suggestions being adopted are slim…

He was interviewed on BBC Radio London about the role of the cartoonist in society in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

For Come Dine With Me, David was invited to caricature the guests on one of the shows.

David has appeared several times as a special guest on CBBC with Otis the Aardvark where he caricatured the presenters. He was referred to as ‘CBBC’s own caricaturist’.


He has also been a live guest on BBC TV’s Wogan’s Web and has designed a celebrity card deck for ITV’s TV programme ‘Tricked’.

For Jack Dee’s Happy Hour, David drew caricatures of celebrities on foam filled condoms and rubber gloves which were then inflated and exploded. Don’t try this at home!

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