General Election Cartoons 2017

If you stayed up last night, here’s a reminder of the highlights of the night: my General Election Cartoons 2017. And if you didn’t, this is what you missed…


David Dimbleby cartoon, Laura Kuenssberg cartoon, Kirsty Wark cartoon, Priti Patel cartoon

General Election Cartoons: 11.30pm

General Election cartoons, Andrew Marr, Kenneth Clarke, Emily Thornberry, Liam Fox, Jeremy Vine

General Election Cartoons: 00.20am

General Election cartoon, Andrew Rawnsley cartoon, SNP losses in Scotland

General Election Cartoons: 1.10am

General Election cartoons, Amber Rudd cartoon, Tom Watson cartoon, Peter Hain cartoon

General Election Cartoons: 1.50am

General Election Cartoon, Nigel Farage cartoon,

General Election Cartoon: 2.25am

General Election cartoon, Jeremy Corbyn cartoon, Nick Clegg cartoon,  Justine Greening cartoon,

General Election Cartoons: 3am

General Election cartoons, Theresa May cartoons, "we need a period of stability"

General Election Cartoons: 3.20am


  1. says

    this election night cartoon is the best. My absolutely favourite is Amber Rudd which seems to me to sum up politicians in a nutshell. The smooth jargon they spout and inside: “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT”. Heaven. What a talent. I would love to be able to think in caricature.

    • David Lewis says

      Thank you Clair! So glad you enjoyed these. I remember Amber Rudd on election night with her majority teetering on a knife edge, hence her fearful expression! I look forward to drawing the map for you and seeing the show!

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