Theresa May’s cabinet: a cartoon portrait

Theresa May's Cabinet


Watching Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement, I realised that I haven’t yet drawn all of Theresa May’s cabinet. They are such a disparate looking bunch that I thought this would be an enjoyable project. In case they haven’t impressed you with the full force of their personalities, maybe I should introduce them.

From the left they are:

Theresa May (Prime Minister), Philip Hammond (Chancellor of the Exchequer), Chris Grayling (Transport Secretary), Boris Johnson (Foreign Secretary and writer of naughty limericks), David Davis (Brexit Secretary), Liam Fox (International Trade), Jeremy Hunt (Health), Amber Rudd (Home Secretary), Justine Greening (Education), Sajid Javid (Communities and Local Government), Michael Fallon (Defence)

Politics move so fast, I might need to update these fairly soon. I think my next project will be Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. Watch this space!